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Browsing through various books at Strand, my favorite bookstore in New York, I came across Albertus Seba’s book of illustrations, Cabinet of Natural Curiosities. This book is considered to be one of the 18th Century’s greatest natural history achievements and features images of a variety of insects drawn by illustrators. 

Seeing the kaleidoscope of colors on these insects’ carcasses immediately triggered in me a creative outpouring. I was completely mesmerized by the complex forms, shapes, and patterns captured in the book. Later, while on a trip around South East Asia, my fascination with nature only grew stronger; I was completely taken aback by the natural wealth in that part of the world. I started following the motto, “Smell with your eyes, hear with your nose, see with your ears, and taste with your hands.” In doing so, I saw nature from a different perspective, leading to the creation of my first collection.