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Max Sybell set off on a journey to the capital of Utopia, a mesmerizing city known as Republic 406. It was a place she had always dreamed of discovering, but never believed to be real. A beguiling sanctuary you could only read about in the tea-stained pages of a novel; a world so flawlessly contained, it could very well be in a snow globe.

Not a moment is lost before her sensory voyage across the city begins; A universe of fantasy and paradox, where modernity and old-world glamour magnificently unite like a mirage.

The aura, reminiscent of Zubrowska, is one of a lost world, an imagined land of fantasy and yearning for the artisanal magic of bygone days. The resplendent spaces of Republic 406 are layered in sumptuous materials, elaborate patterns, tactile textures and artisanal details. Colors of tangy chartreuse, dusty rose, gold accents and industrial steel present Ms. Sybelle with a filtered view of her surroundings. She glimpses iridescent facades adorned in intricately inlayed silver, white and rose mother of pearl, filling her senses with wonder.

She is struck by the almost subliminal symbolism woven within the city, particularly the wind rose embroidered throughout, doubling as a beautiful ornament and a map to guide her on her magical journey.

The collection “Republic IV ZERO VI” of handcrafted architectural wearable art is the embodiment of Max Sybell’s voyage: whimsical nostalgia, verve and dash.