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Spring/Summer 2018

This is Not A Clutch, look further and see. It is a sculpture, it is a wearable work of art, it is an object of desire…it is more than just a clutch.

For 2018, Nathalie Trad experiments with surrealism within her creative field of accessory design. “This is Not a Clutch” is a happy place of colour, positivity and light, the collection is a figment of our imagination,of the place we see when we look out into the world. Inspired by the bold and rebellious universe of the

Memphis Group that aimed to blur the lines between art and design. Alongside Rene Magritte’s vision of presenting the ordinary in an extraordinary way, this season’s handbags follow the winding lines, and wander with us as one stroke leads to another in a surreal, rapturous, vibrant hypnotic swirl.